Low Bugdet Travel Tips #1

If you read me on a daily basis then you know I travel as low budget as it comes. I write about how I am traveling on a budget, spending my dollars only on basic needs and getting the most out of every cent.

I´ve been doing this for a while and I think I am getting the hold of it. Sometimes I struggle with this policy of spending only in the needs and not the wants but I think I am managing it as best as a wannabe nomad can.

So, to keep it simple I gathered some of the info I´ve learned in the past days to share it with you, thses tips are my opinion and are far for the rule, they just have worked very good for me:

1. Get the best price in a hostel

Hostels are cheap, we all know that. Whoever travels on a budget stays in hostels. What most people don´t know is that no matter how busy or desserted is the town you are visiting, there is always going to be a competition with the other hostels. It doesn´t matter if there is only 2 or 20 in the area. If you get to their front desk they are going to do almost anything to make you stay with them. Knowing this, bargain. Always bargain. You will get a better price. If you are on a very low budget like me, ask if you can put your hammock or your tent on the roof. Usually they will let you do it for half the price you would pay for a bed in a dorm.

2. Eat local.

As simple as that. We travelers spend the most money in food. You might think that saving money on accomodation is the most important thing to do but no, if you eat in touristic spots you will end up a lot more in food than in your room/bed. So get away from the tourist trap, get yourself lost in town and eat in a local place. The food will be better, you will be helping a humble local to pay the bills but most importantly, you will get to know the real town, not the image the touristic spots try to get in your head that.

3. Meet people.

Well yeah Eric, duh, that´s a no brainer. Great tip Nomad.

Nope, you are meeting tourists that hang out in hostels and have the same agenda as you and a similar budget. You are doing it wrong. You have to meet local people. They know the place. They know the real prices, not the inflated prices the local store gives you because you look white and foreigner. They know how to get to all of the cool spots without paying for a guide. The thing is, even if you look like me (let´s be honest, I could pass as a local in most of Central America), I am still getting ripped off because of my accent. So meeting locals allows you to get better prices at everything, whether it´s tours, food or even a simple souvenir. So befriend the locals, we all have a lot to learn from them. Oh, and a broken spanish is highly and wildly appreaciated by locals, your effort can open a lot of doors for you.

4. Hitchhike.

This one is tricky. It is not meant for everyone but if you are comfortable enough do it. First of all you have to be careful and cautious. You have to trust your instincts. If you don´t trust the person or think you are heading to a sketchy situation you better get the hell off the car. If you are one woman, you will get picked up very easily but you are more vulnerable. I always recommend hitching in pairs. I do it by myself most of the time but when I can convince someone to do it with me I seize the opportunity with both hands. The fun part? You´ll meet tons of friendly locals (apart from the crazy dude who flirts with you or tries to rob you) and you will have a fun time with them!

But most important, enjoy the trip, it is not about getting places, it is about getting the most of every experience, to put it simple, just

Remember, Be Here Now

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  1. wow looks like you had a great time with the locals! You have a great perspective on life, everyone should learn how to minimize unnecessary spending. I hope you continue to enjoy your travels. 🙂

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