The most dangerous city in Guatemala – Or is it?

I can´t count how many times people told me to avoid visiting Guatemala city. You´ll get robbed, there is nothing to see there, tourists don´t go to the capital for a reason, you will not find any hostels there etc etc.

With more than 4.5 million people, Nueva Guatemala is the biggest city in the country and I arrived there hoping to change some Bitcoin for Quetzales because even young guatemalans had more physichal money than me.

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Dogs in Guatemala – A nomad´s best friend

I am a dog person, there is no doubt about it. Since I was a little kid I´ve had dogs and growing up I learned so much from them. They are part of my life and I can´t imagine a world where this mates are not around. I´ve experienced people robbing the rottweiler I grew up with, my high school years I spent them with two beautiful shcnauzers which I witnessed their growth over the years and also lived through the loss of the eldest a few months ago.

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Hitchhiking Tales #4 – Back in Action

No more chicken buses, you get robbed on those. I´m back to the roots and hitchhiking my way down Central America.

I have to admitt hat after the last time I traveled in Guatemala and got robbed atu gunpoint I didn´t feel safe on the road nor on a chicken bus. But getting lost, robbed, sleeping poorly sometimes, meeting people and saying goodbye in a matter of days, they are all part of the job and you have to take the best out of every situation.

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