When you camp on a Caribbean island the first daily gift you get is the Sunrise

A desserted island holds many secrets and surprises for a nomad deciding to camp there. I am not going to tell you all about it because I am planning a very long post about my adventures in the island involving beaches, hiking, hunting wild snakes and much more.

What I can give you is a glimpse of this friend who came every day at five in the morning, knocking on my window and waking me up without any remorse.

It is not a completely empty island, it has one hut for the owner – yes, every Caye in Northern Honduras has a private owner 🙁 – but still, he wasn´t there so I had the island just for me.

I have watched many sunrises from the beach but, watching a sunrise from an island holds a different magic for the admirer. There is this charming quietness around you, the waves crashing from every end, the seagulls in the distance and the insects around you are the only symphony you listen to, and if you are not careful you can fall in love with the feeling.

Having all this Me time makes you wonder and think about a lot of things. This alone times made me realize I have some decision making to do and I used this time to think all of them through. I have decided to leave Honduras a bit earlier than I expected and attack Nicaragua full force, but don´t worry, I still have some stories about this beautiful full of nature country.

Remember, Be Here Now

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