Defeating the Summit of a 13,000 ft Volcano in Guatemala

At base camp, we were having a great conversation by the fire, I was practicing my hebrew and my german with these people sent from heaven when it happened…

The volcano started to erupt

Imagine watching a volcano erupt from the ground. Now think about watching the same volcano erupt while you are in it´s backyard. After that, visualize the thunderlike noise it makes and how the ground vibrates at your feet. Then envision how awesome would it be to have a camera with you. Now imagine… what the hell, see it for yourself!!

Time lapse of the eruption I was lucky to witness

We were speachless for a few seconds. After that, the isralies started shouting and cheering, obviously we all joined them in their crazy ramble (mamash meshuga my israelí friends, in case some of you are reading). All of the other conversations ceased and we started speaking about stories we heard about this volcano, that´s when I learned about the tragedy I told you in my post about conquering of this Volcano. I listened to a lot of cool stories about his and other volcanoes but you won´t hear about them, climb one and make your own!

We knew we had to go to sleep early but the cold was unbearable even though we were all gathered hugging around the fire. Twelve o´clock came like a ninja and that´s when we bailed. I met a Canadian there and convinced her to not sleep in her tent by herself and join Janna and me so we could all cuddle in my 2 person tent and share the heat. Don´t worry steemgirls, nothing happened in this two girls one guy sleepover (Yeah right, as if you girls care about lol), we were freezing so all we cared about was to remain warm and cozy.

Before falling asleep all could think about was Damn, I made it, I actually climbed this volcano without help. I felt so proud and my mind was already rolling about how awesome it will be to make summit the morning after and watch the sunset from there.

Waking up at four in the morning after a whole day of activity and only a few hours of lousy and cold sleep was hard. For a moment I thought about staying there and watch the sunset from my tent. I knew the wind would be a hard rival to beat up there. But I came into my senses and decided to keep the adventure going. So get up you lazy mexican.

Clouds are cold, at least these type of clouds. I think there are three types but I´m not sure and Google and I are having an argument because the internet in my hostel is like flip-flops in Siberia, useless. My prediction was correct, the wind was full force attacking us, my hands were cold because my cheap mind didn´t buy the 3 dollar gloves in Antigua, but I managed to get this picture on the way up:

We were moving slowly. The clouds started to become redish. I don´t mind I am not on the top, this is so beautiful I just don´t care. Share this moment with me:

I was able to get this time lapse while still keeping up a good pace. Lucky son of a watermelon, I know.


The moment I was eagerly expecting came slow. After one and a half hours of rocks and dirt I saw the summit, clearly ahead of me around 200 yards. I was already tired but seing it so close gave me the power needed to keep going. Almost on the top we stumbled upon some big rocks and I couldn´t miss the chance to have a victory pose facing Agua, Fuego´s wife, an inactive volcano close to both Acatenango and Fuego.

I was following the guide and the group. After meeting them and having a blast with these guys the night after I decided to let go of my pride and join a bigger and more experienced crew. Sometimes you just have to accept we human are social beings and find comfort if we feel part of a group; In my mind I had already defeated this giant by myself, so no harm done to tag along Max and his people.

Some people returned to base camp because of the cold and the difficulty level of the last couple of hundred yards. I don´t approve it but I understand the decision, I was doubting myself in more than one occasion. But being so close and then surrendering is not on my genes nor my mental state.

Reaching the Summit – The long coveted Crater

If you have ever climbed a mountain or volcano you might concur with this: Making summit is about the challenge but once you are there, the climate conditions are so harsh that you don´t want to stay for a long time. Well, as you might have guessed correctly, I am not like that.

So I took of my Batman Hoodie and one of my shirts, improvised a flag and declared Acatenango´s Summit as…

A Nomad Soul´s territory

Right on. That is Fuego in full splendor behind me.

And then I started crying and ran as fast as I could back to the trail down. Cold as my ex´s heart but accomplished as I´ve never felt before.

On those moments, I had only one thought on my mind…

Remember, Be Here Now

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