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Hitchhiking Tales #4 – Back in Action

No more chicken buses, you get robbed on those. I´m back to the roots and hitchhiking my way down Central America.

I have to admitt hat after the last time I traveled in Guatemala and got robbed atu gunpoint I didn´t feel safe on the road nor on a chicken bus. But getting lost, robbed, sleeping poorly sometimes, meeting people and saying goodbye in a matter of days, they are all part of the job and you have to take the best out of every situation.

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Low Budget Travel Tips #2

If you are following me you know I travel as low budget as it comes. If you are still not following me, what are you waiting for? I write about how I am traveling on a budget, spending my dollars only on basic needs and getting the most out of every cent.

I´ve been doing this for a while and I think I am getting the hold of it. Sometimes I struggle with this policy of spending only in the needs and not the wants but I think I am managing it as best as a wannabe nomad can.

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Getting Robbed at Gunpoint in a Guatemalan Highway

I learned so many lessons yesterday. Damage report: 150 USD and my cellphone lost and a more experienced Nomad.

Introducing the Plot

Guatemala city is known for being a bit dangerous, as any other big city in the world. I went there in the morning to exchange some bitcoin with a local guy because I ran out of money and my card hasn´t arrived yet.

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